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FlexMQ Unleashes
MQTT Integration

Gain in-depth insights into FlexMQ by downloading our comprehensive brochure. Click below to get started.

Why Choose FlexMQ?

Flexibility, scalability, and security – these are the hallmarks of FlexMQ, the ultimate solution designed for your industry needs. With FlexMQ, you can:

Effortlessly Integrate
MQTT Messages

FlexMQ seamlessly parses MQTT messages from Honeywell's CPA150 and ERX150 devices, making system setup a breeze and ensuring compatibility with industry-standard protocols.

Real-time Monitoring
and Alerting

Experience near-real-time alert monitoring through our intuitive GIS mapping interface. Instantly respond to alerts and stay informed about your field devices' statuses.

Secure and Encrypted Communication

Rest easy knowing your transactions and archived data are protected with TLS and TDE encryption support. Your data's security is our top priority.

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How FlexMQ Empowers You

Web-based Management

The user-friendly FlexMQ Management Console puts you in control. Manage your field devices and system parameters effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Data Management

Request specific metrics from field units, view visual status indicators, and access structured event logging. FlexMQ empowers you with actionable insights.

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